A land without rain...

can feel like the end of the world

23 January 1980
i don't believe in doing paperwork to break up, but might someday like to get married. i don't care what people think about me, i get paid to pretend that i do. i've lived all over the country and still can't say for certain that there's any such place as home, although seattle is as close as it gets. sometimes i worry that the feeling of home died with my mom. i hate society, but love being social. i have no musical talent, but have always secretly wanted to join a band. most importantly i can be brutally honest, and i like the same to be true of the people i spend time with.
perhaps ersatzpixie wrapped me up in the most appropriate package with this...
"chevonne has to take pictures of her tattoos because that's the only thing about her that's permanent. as soon as she posts a picture of herself with long flame-red braided hair she'll change to a cute purple bob and great dorky glasses. she's contrary that way. either that or she's in disguise...."
...i'm just rarely stagnant.